How to Grow an Instagram Community organically?

Instagram is a place where you can develop your targeted community that keeps on engaging with your content. In this article, we’re sharing some tips that can help you grow an active Instagram community organically.

Before getting into the tips that can result in growing an Instagram community organically. You need to understand; engagement plays a key role while establishing any community. So some of these tips will directly affect your engagement rate.

Follow Hashtags

Many techniques are introduced in Instagram marketing and become outdated but hashtags strategy is one of the most reliable out of all. You cannot solely rely on a single technique on Instagram, but one technique you’ll find common for every marketer is hashtags.

Executing the hashtags strategy is quite simpler and you can learn easily. Start off by following the most-relevant hashtags to your niche and never miss any opportunity to say hello to your followers.

Use @ Mentions

Most Instagram users are sleeping on this simple engagement strategy. Sometimes, your post belongs to a particular group of audience, so using @ mentions in your content can target a particular group of audience. This strategy may target a small group of audience, but using the mentions can result in unexpected results.

Slide into Instagram Direct Messages

An Instagram direct message is a golden opportunity for anyone who wants to engage with his audience. You need to rethink your strategy if still, you’re thinking that direct messages cannot get you any interesting result.

If you’re a business owner, then I’d suggest you create a template and use it for sending to the potential leads. Sending the customize messages can take more time and will definitely consume more efforts.

Spend Time in Comments

It is most-easiest tip out of all these, and it can boost your engagement rate in no time. You cannot expect any stunning result if you’re just posting the content and then forgetting. You need to avail the opportunities of building relationships with the audience, through spending time in the comment section.

Replying to your followers in the comment section can generate the leads and boost your sales, as it builds your trust with the audience. Engaging in this way also helps in building the community of your targeted audience.

Focus on Call-to-Actions

Using call-to-actions is one of the proven ways to spark conversations. Do not take it your newsfeed as an afterthought, rather, use its potential and enjoy amazing engagement rate.

You can also employ the power of copy-writing here to prompt the audience for taking any action. You can intriguingly ask the audience to participate in the conversations. You can ask any question, hold any contest, or host any giveaway to further enhance the chances of interaction. Other than this, you can ask the audience to message me to know its recipe.

Keep Sharing Instagram Post from Feed to Stories

While following all of these tips, do not forget to share interesting content on newsfeed and stories. Some tips are co-related to each other, such as being active in the comment section and posting content consistently.

Always make sure, you’re posting your content from newsfeed to stories to get your content infront of a maximum number of followers. You can also repost content from other accounts, on your newsfeed.


All of the above-mentioned strategies require some time but creating such a community make sure that your content gets maximum engagement whenever you post it. If you’re a newbie, then I would suggest you, to kickstart your Instagram game, start by buying Instagram Followers.

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